Pastor Nominating Committee

The current Pastor Nominating Committee was assembled at the end of 2016 to conduct a search for MDPC’s three open positions. After diligently organizing and preparing, the committee has now launched its search efforts and is excited about filling these important positions.

View this recent PNC update to the congregation by Andrew Miller on Sunday, August 6. 


Caring Ministries Associate Pastor 
Equipping Ministries Pastor  
Outreach Pastor/Director 

If you are interested in applying to one of these positions, please submit a resume and cover letter to  .

If you know of a candidate you would like to recommend to the PNC, please e-mail the candidate’s name and contact information to us at  .




At the January 2017 Staff & Elder Retreat, the Session approved the 12 MDPC Strategic Goals, designed to enhance our current mission statement as we strive to broaden our reach for Christ in our community and beyond.


In 2015, MDPC undertook a strategic planning exercise which included the development of a new mission statement. We feel that this statement succictcly captures our identity as a body of believers and the mission to which God has called us:

Loving God. 
Proclaiming Christ.
Living Generously.
Engaging All

Anchoring our mission statement is the Scripture that has long served as our vision verse: "See to it that no one fails to obtain the grace of God." (Hebrews12:15a)


We submit to the authority of Scripture.

We strive for Christ-centered and biblically-based preaching and teaching. We take the Scripture seriously as the authoritative Word of God and seek to interpret the Bible in relevant ways for today's church.

We practice radical generosity.

MDPC is committed to outreach through our dollar-for-dollar legacy of giving, and the involvement of hundreds of our members in the world.

We take risks without compromising our values.

There is an entrepreneurial spirit at MDPC that encourages taking risks. This spirit has given birth to many discipleship programs in the church, and many evangelical and charitable programs outside the church.

We pray for each other every day.

Prayer is a central element of MDPC. Our Partner in Prayer ministry invovles more than 600 people praying daily for every member.

We strive to live missionally.

We endeavor to broaden our congregation by welcoming people from different cultures, ethnic origins, and viewpoints into our community to be faithful followers of Jesus.

We value authenticity, humility, and grace.

We want our members to grow in Christ, generosity, prayer, outreach, and authenticity. We strive to achieve this through worship, Christian education for children, youth, and adults, small group ministry, and programs like Men's Life and Bible Study Discussion.

We are committed to reaching out to our community and to addressing the emerging needs of the community and our members.

MDPC is a missional church that has been "blessed to be a blessing" to our community and constituency. Generosity is one of the pillars on which MDPC is built. We partner with 140+ missions to provide shelter, fresh water, disaster relief, job training, mentoring and tutoring in neighborhood schools, evangelism and discipleship for men, women, and children. MDPC has a growing, vibrant Hispanic Ministry (Fuente Ministries). It operates a food pantry that serves over 200 Houston families every week.

Our members join God in His Kingdom work reaching out to the people of Mexico, Haiti, Central America, Ethiopia, Uganda, Egypt, South Africa, Croatia, Hungary, Indonesia, china, and more...while caring for those here at home. Our people live out the Great Commission daily by being the hands and feet of Christ to a world in need.

MDPC, in an increasingly secular society, seeks to reach people who do not have an active walk with Christ to help them discover how He can nourish and empower their lives. MDPC is called to witness the love of Jesus Christ by bringing as many people as possible, from whatever station in life, to faith in the Gospel. His Spirit calls us to know Him, be like Him, and to grow our community of faith.

MDPC is a vibrant seven day a week church, where people are connected in a myriad of ways with Jesus Christ at the center. 

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