MDPC Hunger Initiative

MDPC Hunger Initiative

Every Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday

Contact: Amy Delgado |

In early 2017, MDPC formed a task force with the objective of making a meaningful impact on childhood food insecurity in Houston. This Children’s Hunger Team has been working on a strategy to engage the congregation in hunger relief efforts. This strategy will include many volunteer opportunities and other ways to engage in our community. Can we solve the problem? Remember, “With God all things are possible.”

As part of this initiative to fight hunger and food insecurity, the Task Force has scheduled monthly Food Drives.

There are many agencies in Houston attempting to address hunger and food insecurity, but this is a complex problem with roots buried in a broad range of other issues, including economic, social, cultural, and demographic. The future of the world lies in our children, so, to the extent we can give them a chance to succeed, the world will be a better place. That is why the work of agencies such as Houston Food Bank, Kids’ Meals, LIFE Houston, and countless food pantries is so critical.

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