This is Us: The Story of Joseph's Family...and Ours

This is Us: The Story of Joseph's Family...and Ours

Sunday, January 20, 2019, 8:30 AM - Sunday, March 03, 2019, 12:15 PM

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New Sermon Series This Spring!

A gripping drama of jealousy, sibling rivalry, blended families, betrayal, temptation, heartache, and revenge. It’s the story of Joseph - but it’s our story, too. Whether families of origin or families we’ve built, few leave their members completely free of scars.

In this six-week sermon series, Pastor Alf explores familial dysfunctions against the backdrop of Joseph’s own experience with these emotionally-charged issues. We’ll learn that while we cannot escape the hurts of our past, we need not be defined by them. With God’s eternal hope and healing, it’s possible to embrace a new future and, like Joseph, find forgiveness, redemption, and purpose.

Sunday, January 20                           

Favoritism, Jealousy, & Sibling Rivalry | Genesis 37:1-11
Alf Halvorson preaching 

Sunday, January 27                           

Family Secrets | Genesis 37:12-28
Alf Halvorson preaching

 Sunday, February 3                  

Overcoming Temptation | Genesis 39:1-12    
Alf Halvorson preaching

 Sunday, February 10                         

Disappointment & Despair | Genesis 39:19-23; 40:1-8
Alf Halvorson preaching

Sunday, February 17                         

From Revenge to Reconciliation | Genesis 45:1-8, 50:15-20
Alf Halvorson preaching 

Sunday, March 3                                

God Behind the Scenes | Genesis 50:20-21
Alf Halvorson preaching

Sunday, February 24 is Church In The City, MDPC's annual Sunday serve day.

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