Generosity Campaign 2018

Videos in this Series

Below is a  three-part video series that chronicles MDPC's and its Harvey experiences through the evacuees, the volunteers, and the homeowners.

Video One: The Evacuees

Video Two: The Volunteers

Video Three: The Homeowners

Online Pledging

Members should have received in the mail a Covenant packet containing your Commitment Card. Online pledging is available at

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A Note from Pastor Alf

I am honored to share with you the 25th anniversary edition of a 1992 generosity devotional written by Dr. Tom Tewell, then Senior Pastor at MDPC. It is a reminder that our church has always emphasized radical generosity in response to the amazing love God shows us through Jesus Christ.

Click the link below to download the booklet PDF. (Hard copies of the devotional are available at The Front Office and The Connection Center.) I encourage you to read the Scriptures, study the material, and pray through the four sessions during the month of October. You might even choose to discuss the points in a small group or with your family or spouse. The material provides an excellent framework of what the Bible says about money, generosity, and what it means to be a growing disciple of Jesus.

In conjunction with the sermons I will preach later in the month, this booklet will answer questions you might have about what God invites us to regarding our finances. Getting our treasure invested right helps us get our hearts invested right. As your relationship with Christ matures, I invite you to make a pledge this year to God’s work through MDPC. If you have never pledged, perhaps you will start with 2% of your income, or 4%. If you have pledged before, might God be inviting you to increase your pledge toward the tithe—or even beyond?

There is trust that is required to become a percentage giver, but there is great freedom and faith development as well. After I haltingly made a tithing commitment to God many years ago, my faith took off. What I thought was impossible became a source of growth in trust for me, and a source of tangible help to the churches I have shepherded, both within and outside their walls.

Join me as we together steward our resources for God’s glory and the furtherance of the Gospel.

Download the Devotional Guide