Experience Music Ministries at MDPC! Whether as part of the audience, or part of the performance, opportunities abound. Each participant is offered the opportunity for spiritual, musical and relational growth. The joy of making music together provides experiences that bring us closer to God and to one another…

Contemporary Music

When you hear the word “contemporary,” it may conjure a style that is for a specific demographic or type of person, but our contemporary service is filled with people of all ages, stages, and walks of life.

Contemporary refers to something that is happening, existing, living, or coming into being at the same time – I can think of no better way to describe our worship experience. Our desire is to connect people with an existing, living God, as we come together through exciting modern worship, deep thoughtful hymnody, and personal expression of our love for Him.

When you visit the Contemporary Service,  you will be welcomed by a great community of people, and experience a very real encounter with the living God.

Join the Sanctuary Choir!

Our Sanctuary Choir participates at the 11:15 AM Sunday worship service. Led by Dr. Charles Hausmann, Director of Adult Choral Music, and Kathryn White, Coordinating Music Director & Organist, the Sanctuary Choir presents hymns and inspirational choral classics both in worship services and in concerts throughout the year.

Consider joining The MDPC Sanctuary Choir, an outstanding ensemble of voices of all ages, backgrounds, and ability levels. When you are in a choir like this one, your voice takes on new power and you will feel it immediately. Worshiping in song is powerful in itself, but in a choral context it takes on a new dimension! You can enjoy regular participation or sign on for limited terms, such as individual concerts or church seasons. The calendar is set a year in advance so you can decide how it best fits your schedule. Rehearsals are on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM.. They are instructive sessions to coach your vocal and musical potential. I invite you to sing this season with the Sanctuary Choir! If interested, please contact Charles Hausmann.

For more info contact Tracy Stidam, Worship & Music Coordinator: or 713-490-0946

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Watch our Choir Perform, Holy Ground

Music Box Kids' Choir

Do you have an awesome kid? Do they love to sing? Then bring ‘em to The Music Box Kids’ Choir! This ensemble is for all kids in elementary school to learn about the fundamentals of music and choral singing in a fun and worshipful environment. They’ll be featured in seasonal programs, and even have the opportunity to lead worship on Sunday mornings! The program’s directed by Meliza Gómez, MDPC’s Contemporary Music Director.

Schantz Pipe Organ

In 2000, Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church commissioned the Schantz Organ Company of Orrville, Ohio to build a pipe organ for its newly renovated sanctuary. The organ was designed and constructed to meet the diverse musical requirements of the active music ministry, dynamically support and encourage the hymnody of the Presbyterian tradition, and accompany various styles of choral music, while effectively rendering order literature for all periods. The organ embodies the efforts of well over one hundred laypersons, craftspeople, artisans and musicians. From the noble tone of the Principal chorus, to the softest whisper of the flute stops and the declamatory shouts of the Tuba, this organ now joins a tradition centuries old — that of calling the faithful to worship and stirring amongst them that which inspired the likes of Bach, Luther, Watts and Wesley. We are deeply grateful for the love of God expressed so perfectly in Jesus Christ that has inspired both the giving of this instrument and the music it plays.

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