Howard Edington, Interim Senior Pastor

A Note from Howard

As our time here draws to a close, Trisha and I are so filled with love for all of you that we would like to maintain contact any way possible. Therefore, I am going to share our Orlando contact information. We intend to prove as true the fact that friendships forged and blessed by God endure.

Howard and Trisha Edington
2951 Dorell Avenue, Orlando, FL 32814
Home Phone: 407-802-4041
Howard’s Cell Phone: 407-267-5081

Howard’s Weekly Benediction

May the Living Lord Jesus Christ go with you.
May He go above you to watch over you,
Behind you to encourage you,
Beside you to befriend you,
Within you to give you peace,
And before you to show you the way,
Now and forevermore. Amen

Between Howard’s departure and the arrival of our new Senior Pastor, the Associates and other guest speakers will preach at the three morning services. Click here for that schedule.


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