Fifth Service

A casual evening service that’s serious about Jesus.

Sunday Evenings | 5:00 PM | Chapel

Fifth Service is an integral part of Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church without being just an additional service. We’re a worshiping community that values a more casual worship atmosphere and a more intimate community experience. We exist in continuity with MDPC’s long history, but also shape our community along four unique values: knowing Jesus, valuing the Word, closing the distances that divide us, and sending well-loved people into our world.

Although we’re led by a younger staff team, we’re really grateful that we have multiple generations worshiping alongside one another. Everyone is welcome, and childcare is always available. We meet in a beautiful sacred space, worship with a band, preach from the Bible, and learn one another’s names. Come, worship with us!

Meet the Fifth Service Worship Team

Fifth Service Q & A | Sunday, May 25

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Fifth Service serves communion every other Sunday.  Sign up to serve Communion

Fifth Service Communion Contact: Tracy Curtis, Worship & Music Coordinator | or 713-490-0946

2014 Sermons

Date Title Scripture Media Speaker
2014-09-28 The Ripple Effect of the Gospel Thessalonians 1:1-10 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-09-21 The End of Evil MP3 Jamie Winship and Brandon Gaide
2014-09-14 Forming Soul Friendships Hebrews 10: 23-25 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-09-07 Loving Our Neighbor Colossians 3:10-17 MP3 Kristin Huffman
2014-08-31 Living with Consistency James 1:22-27 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-08-24 Noticing the Unnoticed Samuel 9:1-13 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-08-17 Sin Without Shame John 8:1-11 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-08-03 Go and Endure Selections from Job 1 and Job 2 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-07-27 Go and Influence Esther 2-4 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-07-20 Go and Tell Jeremiah 1:1-10 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-07-13 Go and Build Nehemiah 1-2 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-07-06 Rediscovering the Gospel Mark 16:1-20 MP3 Christyn Knoop
2014-06-29 The Failed Messiah Mark 15: 21 - 47 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-06-22 What We Couldn’t Do for Ourselves Mark 15:1-20 MP3 Rev. Andrew Adair
2014-06-15 Bearing Witness to Christ Mark 14:53-72 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-06-08 Betrayed By Good Intentions Mark 14:26-52 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-06-01 The Value We’ve Been Given Mark 14:1-25 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-05-25 Questions and Responses MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-05-18 Keeping Our Soul Awake Mark 13:1-4, 32-37 Brandon Gaide
2014-05-18 Keep Our Soul Awake Mark 13:1-37 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-05-11 A Penny’s Worth of Faith Mark 12:18-44 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-05-04 The Authority of Jesus Mark 11:27 – 12:17 MP3 Rachel Poysky
2014-04-27 The Aroma of Christ 2 Corinthians 2:12-17 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-04-20 We Had Hoped Luke 24:13-35 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-04-13 Entering Our Brokenness Mark 11:1-25 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-04-06 Surrendering to Jesus Mark 10:17-31 MP3 Christyn Knoop
2014-03-30 Divorce, Numbness, and God’s Incredible Design Mark 10:1-16 Brandon Gaide
2014-03-23 The Beauty of Humility Mark 9:30-50 MP3 Luke Gordon
2014-03-16 God’s Glory Manifested Mark 9:2-29 MP3 Kristin Huffman
2014-03-09 Nearly Seeing Jesus Mark 8:22-9:1 MP3 Brett Hurst
2014-03-02 Feeding on God Mark 8:1-21 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-02-23 Good News for the Unworthy Mark 7:24-37 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-02-16 The Heart of Faith Mark 7:1-23 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-02-09 The Practices That Define Us Acts 2:37-47 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-02-02 The Importance of Asking Questions Exodus 3:7-15 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-01-26 Lord of the Everyday Mark 6:30-56 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-01-19 Herod’s Haunted Conscience Mark 6:14-29 MP3 Dan Aikins
2014-01-12 Growing Up With Jesus Mark 6:1-13 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2014-01-05 In the Company of the Healed Mark 5:21-43 MP3 Brandon Gaide

2013 Sermons

Date Title Scripture Media Speaker
2013-12-29 Blessed to Be a Blessing Psalm 67
2013-12-22 Hope for the Sinful Isaiah 53:1-6 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2013-12-15 Hope for the Weary Isaiah 50:4-9 MP3 Luke Gordon | 1 Pet 3:13-22
2013-12-08 Hope for the Aimless Isaiah 49:1-6 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2013-11-24 A Terribly Powerful Man Mark 5:1-20 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2013-11-17 Unlikely to Succeed Mark 4:21-41 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2013-11-10 Welcoming the Word Mark 4:1-20 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2013-11-03 Generosity: Where’s your Heart? Matthew 6:19-21 MP3 Dave Steane
2013-10-27 Generosity: Over the Top John 12:1-7 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2013-10-20 Generosity: Spiritual Arson Luke 12:49-53 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2013-10-13 Tithing is a Selfish Thing to Do Malachi 3: 8-10 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2013-10-06 This is Who I am Mark 3: 7-35 MP3 Kristin Huffman
2013-09-29 Jesus vs. Old Wineskins Mark 2: 18-3: 6 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2013-09-22 Jesus is Doing it Wrong Mark 2: 1-17 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2013-09-15 The Better News of the Gospel Mark 1: 29-45 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2013-09-08 Clash of the Kingdoms Mark 1: 14-28 MP3 Luke Gordon
2013-08-25 Setting the Table Mark 1:1 - 13 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2013-08-18 Useful to God Jonah 4: 1-11 MP3 Rachel Poysky
2013-08-11 The God Who Relents Jonah 3: 1-10 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2013-08-04 The God Who Revives Jonah 2: 1-10 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2013-07-28 The God Who Doesn’t Quit Jonah 1: 1-17 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2013-07-21 Christmas in July John 1: 1-5, 14-15 MP3 Kristin Huffman
2013-07-14 Jesus Interprets the Word Matthew 5: 21-48 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2013-07-07 Jesus Knows the Word Matthew 4: 1-11 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2013-06-30 Prepared for the Challenge 1 Peter 5:1-14 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2013-06-23 The Why of Suffering 1 Peter 4:12-19 MP3 Dave Steane
2013-06-16 Everywhere Faithful 1 Peter 4:1-11 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2013-06-09 Living in Harmony 1 Peter 3:1-12 MP3 Brett and Kellie Hurst
2013-06-02 Living from the Center 1 Peter 3:13-22 MP3 Luke Gordon
2013-05-19 Engaging With A Broken World 1 Peter 2:13-25 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2013-05-12 Living Like We Belong 1 Peter 2:3-12 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2013-05-05 What Our Lives Say About God 1 Peter 1:13-2:3 MP3 Brandon Gaide
2013-04-28 What We Have In Jesus 1 Peter 1:1-12 MP3 Brandon Gaide