Officer Nomination Form 2020

The Nominating Committee seeks your help in identifying members with gifts that equip them for leadership at MDPC. Please prayerfully consider whom God may be preparing to serve as Elders and Deacons, and then submit his/her name using the online form below Thank you for participating in this important process in the life of MDPC.

Letter from Pastor Alf Halvorson

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Online Nomination Form

What is an Elder?

Together with the Pastors, Elders exercise leadership, government, and discipline, and have responsibilities for the life of our church. They should be persons of faith, dedication, and good judgment. Their manner of life should be a demonstration of the Christian Gospel, both in the church and in the community.

What is a Deacon?

Following the example from Acts 6:1-7, Deacons are uniquely gifted to serve the church by providing ministries of compassion, care-giving, and mercy. Deacons are not a lesser office than an Elder, but have a different giftedness and ministry as they serve the congregation.

What are the primary responsibilities?

Through committees, Session, and a variety of other avenues, Officers are responsible for nurturing and strengthening the faith of our congregation, providing spiritual direction, supporting MDPC’s programs and goals, and ministering to those in need.

What are the qualifications?

MDPC has established the following criteria for a person to be considered as a nominee:

  • Personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord;
  • Commitment to a lifestyle of Christian holiness, which includes fidelity in marriage between a man and a woman, or chaste if single;
  • Personal and spiritual maturity, integrity and character;
  • Willingness to receive, adopt, and be bound by ECO’s Essential Tenets.
  • Minimum of one year as an active MDPC member;
  • Regular worship service attendance at MDPC;
  • Identifiable pattern of financial stewardship to MDPC;
  • Willingness to fulfill the duties of the office to which he/she will be elected, which includes Session or Diaconate meeting attendance, serving Communion, and investing in the ministry area to which he/she has been called.
May I nominate multiple individuals?

Yes. Please nominate as many members as you feel called. Each and every nomination will be given the same consideration.

Are self-nominations accepted?

Yes. You may self-nominate using the same form.

Can nominations be anonymous?

Nominations may be anonymous; however, it is helpful for the Nominating Committee to know that a candidate received multiple recommendations.

Need more information?

Contact Mary Lee Going, Nominating Committee Moderator at or 713-703-6879.