Bless Friday® is a movement to honor Christ by starting the Christmas season with service. MDPC is honored to be a part of the transformation of Black Friday, a national shopping phenomenon, into Bless Friday, a spirit-filled service day.

Below are a few opportunities for participation, but, if you don’t find an activity either here or on the Bless Friday website that fits, please allow the Spirit to lead you to a need in your community!


Join a team from MDPC at the Houston Food Bank to pack foods for those in our community considered food insecure. Registration with MDPC and the Houston Food Bank is required. Once you register with MDPC, you’ll be emailed registration and volunteer details for the Houston Food Bank. For more information contact Chuck Fox, .

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Learn More about Open Door Mission
Open Door Mission is a faith and evidence-based recovery program and facility helping Houston’s homeless since 1954. ODM is dedicated to transforming the lives of the most severely addicted, destitute, homeless, and disabled men in our community for free. Registration with MDPC is required. Once registered, details regarding this project will be emailed. For more information, contact Charlie Chaffin, .

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No registration required! Please bring donations to church on Sun, Nov 27. For more information about any of these projects, contact Chuck Fox ( ) or Melissa Peter ( ).

Christmas Gift Boxes for Seafarers

This year, as in past years, your gifts and donations are critical to the Houston International Seafarers ministry! In many cases this is one of the few ways that brighten the lives of and provide a tangible expression of care to the seafarers calling on the Port of Houston in December. Last year, chaplains and volunteers delivered over 8,000 Christmas boxes to seafarers far from family and home over Christmas.
Bring wrapped, filled shoeboxes to MDPC on Sun, Nov 27 or by the collection deadline, Dec 12.

Instructions & Suggested Shoebox Items

Please be sure your gift box is packed full of items! As there are very few women and children onboard the ships these days, we would request that the gift boxes primarily be packed for male seafarers. Please avoid items that will melt or break, and pack batteries separately from the items they are powering.
These gifts of love should be packed shoebox size, WRAPPED SECURELY as one unit in Christmas paper. PLEASE DO NOT WRAP LID AND BOX SEPARATELY. Please do not place bows on the boxes.

Shop our Amazon Wish List to have items delivered and packed at MDPC, or use the list to shop local!

  • Full-size men’s body soap
  • Full-size men’s shampoo
  • Full-size men’s deodorant
  • Full-size toothbrush
  • Full-size toothpaste
  • Disposable razor
  • Shaving Cream
  • Lip Balm
  • Gold Bond Powder
  • New Testament Bible
  • Pocket-sized notebook and pens
  • Baseball &/or cold-weather caps
  • Men’s socks
  • Playing cards
  • Hard candy &/or gum
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Flashlight w/ batteries
Fuente Food Pantry-Pack Beans & Rice

The MDPC Fuente Food Pantry provides an important outreach opportunity to serve the surrounding community. It serves approximately 400 families every Saturday from 8:00 to 11:00am. Food resources come from the Houston Food Bank and individual donations. Help the pantry by bagging white rice and pinto beans!
Directions: Scoop 1 cup of pinto beans in a zip-top quart freezer bag. Into a second bag (to keep rice and beans separated), scoop 1 cup of rice. Please make sure bags are closed and sealed correctly. Bring your filled and carefully sealed bags to MDPC on Sun, Nov 27. (If you can’t attend church on that date, bags may be dropped at the MDPC front office anytime or delivered directly to the Pantry on Dec 2, 9:00-11:00am.)

Tablecloths for House of Tiny Treasures

At SEARCH's House of Tiny Treasures (HTT), the students eat breakfast and lunch daily using reusable tablecloths, plates, and cutlery. HTT runs through tablecloths quickly and would love it if you would like to create some.
Any durable and washable fabric (e.g., cotton) works well, and you can cut the fabric to size and decorate the tablecloths with fabric paint, fabric markers, etc. They have 36” round tables and 30” x 44” rectangular tables. The rectangular tables use approximately 1.5 yards of fabric which can be purchased from Walmart for $6 or less. Bring table coverings to the church office on Sun, Nov 27.

Write Letters to MDPC Global Missionary Partners

Write a note of encouragement to our global missionaries. Drop off your letters to the front office on Sun, Nov 27. Outreach staff will address and mail letters to each partner. 

See MDPC Global Missionaries

Family Serving in the Middle East
(In order to protect these partners, their names are not made public. Please contact Kelsi McCormack ( ) for details.)
MDPC Field Partners C and J have lived in the Middle East for 10 years where their goal is to mobilize disciple-making movements within the communities where they live and work. Pray for them, their three children, and their team to be strengthened by God as they seek opportunities to share their faith in Jesus while building relationships with their neighbors, co-workers, and those placed in their path. 

The Adair Family
Rev. Andrew and Teri Adair launched The Antioch Partners (TAP), a missionary-sending agency, in 2007 to train and equip cross-cultural servants, and send them into the world to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ in tangible ways. TAP’s goals are to see people become followers of Jesus and to foster the formation of worshipping communities among the unreached and least-reached people groups throughout the world.

Urgessa Biru
MDPC Field Partner Urgessa works and serves in Ethiopia as the founder of Light of Hope Ministry Ethiopia (LOHME). The vision of LOHME is to bring the Good News of God’s love to the Arsi Oromo people, both in Ethiopia and in North America. LOHME carries out their mission through building village schools, church planting, Bible translation into local dialects, and the vision of establishing a Christian College to train teachers and nurses. 

Jeff Burns
MDPC Field Partner Jeff Burns has a call on his life to reach North American Muslims with the love of Jesus Christ. He and his family live near Wilmington, North Carolina, where Jeff teaches Christians ways to reach out in friendship to Muslims in peaceful, respectful witness. He has trained Presbyterian Church members in the U.S. and around the world.

Couple Serving in UAE
(In order to protect these partners, their names are not made public. Please contact Kelsi McCormack ( ) for details.)
These MDPC field partners support a community of maturing believers from a Muslim background living in the Arabian Gulf. Many of these believers are rejected by their families as they are considered infidels and are also rejected by many churches in the region due to fear or security concerns. This couple shepherds Christ-centered, biblically based, multiplying churches in the Gulf region and equips these believers to be a light in their diverse vocations. Pray for the growing underground church in this area and for the believers to hold fast to the Truth amidst persecution.

Dan McNerney
MDPC Field Partner Rev. Dan McNerney works with Frontier Fellowship, which seeks to bring the Gospel to unreached people groups all over the world. His ministry includes teaching, preaching, and mobilizing local churches on the principles of frontier mission. He has led MDPC members on mission in Egypt and other areas of the Middle East. Dan also leads friendship groups in Chicago, gathering Christians, Muslims, and Jews to dialogue on Kingdom life, reconciliation, and the teachings of Jesus.

Family Serving in Southeast Asia
(In order to protect these partners, their names are not made public. Please contact Kelsi McCormack ( ) for details.)
MDPC Field Partner Dr. M and his family show God’s compassion to the unreached by meeting physical needs through dental health. Dr. M practices and teaches dentistry while sharing the Good News of Jesus with tribes living in abject poverty in Southeast Asia. There, the 98% Muslim population has the least amount of dental care in the world.

The Hall Family
MDPC Field Partners Steven and Natalie Hall live in Texas, where they support their ministry in Alaska and the Northern Territory. Working through SEND North, the Hall family focuses on the unreached people of the 60-70 parallel, who deal with elevated depression, alcoholism, and suicide rates. The Halls’ ministry spreads the light of Jesus into dark places to bring hope and healing. 

The Johnson Family
MDPC Field Partners Steve and Barbara Johnson serve in Budapest, Hungary, through Youth With a Mission. The Johnsons operate a coffee house that serves as an evangelism center, reaching out to the Budapest community with music and conversation that sparks spiritual discussion. They also lead a discipleship training school and have formed a mercy ministries team that shares the love of Jesus with people that are homeless and refugee families. 

Kristin Jones
MDPC Field Partner Kristin Jones is building relationships for the Kingdom and sharing the Gospel within the Bangladeshi community in New York City. After ten years living overseas in the Bengal region, she is fluent in Bengali and understands the culture. This allows her the opportunity to significantly impact Bangladeshis’ lives as they adjust to America and to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Kristin Huffman
MDPC Field Partner Rev. Kristin Huffman serves with Frontier Fellowship, engaging in ministry to reach the unreached. She is working to mobilize churches in San Antonio and Houston (and anywhere else she is called to go), encouraging people to care about the unreached and plan ways to reach them. She is investigating a possible partnership with Mongolia, particularly with training people to reach out to the unreached in nearby countries. Kristin continues to have a passion for teaching others to engage in mission nearby and far away. 

Family Serving in Saudi Arabia
(In order to protect these partners, their names are not made public. Please contact Kelsi McCormack ( ) for details.)
This family lives in Saudi Arabia where they seek to introduce college-age students to Jesus and build intentional relationships. J teaches at the largest university in their city, which allows him to meet around 450 male students every year. R leads workshops and webinars at three universities and connects with students through friends and families of friends. Pray that the students they disciple will be a light in their country and will influence their society as they become leaders. 

The Trevino Family 
The Trevino family has recently been called to disciple young adults in the Pacific Northwest after temporarily stepping out of overseas ministry due to Covid. The PNW is known for being a spiritually dark region, where most young people are unchurched, and struggle with drugs and depression. God is using the Trevino family to raise up active worshipers and preachers of the Good News; the Kingdom of God is at hand in the PNW!   

Kim Zovak
MDPC Field Partners Rev. Dave and Rev. Kim equip high-level Kingdom leaders to multiply movements of the gospel and mobilize the church for mission in less reached and less resourced parts of the world (particularly in Asia). Through their strategic mentoring, training, and coaching, they help missionaries and national leaders develop their personal and professional capacities to serve God, and to intentionally multiply themselves by developing more leaders to do the same.