Congregational Meeting

On Sunday, October 22, 2023, MDPC will present a rolling congregational meeting for the purpose of the three motions listed below:


But first, a Thank You

to the members of the 2023 nominating committee!
Meka Arend
David Baay
Jane Henson
Bob Holloway
John Kemper
Laura Miller
David Nelson
Jenny Nettles
Drew Tingleaf
Beth Case (Pastor/Advisor)

MOTION One(a):

Approve the Nominees as Elder Class of 2026
Administration: Clerk Elect-Elect | Joe Stockdale
Administration: Personnel Elect-Elect | Madison Limbacher
Administration: Treasurer Elect-Elect | Kyle Weinert
Administration: Generosity | Jeannie Able
Children: Elementary | Ellen Davidson
Relationships: Men’s Ministry | Alex Knoop
Administration: Legacy | Nathan Stedham
Outreach: Global | Sharon Roark
Outreach: Local | Marc Laney
Outreach: Local | Mike Pelton
Worship & Music | David Shelfer
Youth: Outreach | Ryan Taylor
Young Adults | Edneia Moreira
Connections: New Members | Stephanie Espinoza

 MOTION One(b):

Approve the Nominees as Deacon Class of 2026
Food | Andy Udden
Visitor Experience | Nancy Powell
College | Sara Kuhn
Receptions | 
Suzanne Tobin
Alpha | John LaCarter
Children: Preschool | Sarah Kilgore
BPC: Rodrigo Grassano
Memorial Services|Usher | Sue Warren

Motion Two:

Approve the 2024 Nominating Committee
Mario Porras (Fuente)
Allison Daughtry
Mickey Peters
Joe Warren
Bucky Farrow
Sharon Fox
Laura Miller
Joe Stockdale
Kelly Handel
Beth Case (Pastor Advisor)
Jennifer Vajdos (Staff Advisor)


Approve Rev. Guillermo Yela as Fuente Pastor