Current Officers

Class of 2021

Betsy Chalmers

Caring | Visitation

Mary Lee Going


Amy Harrington

Personnel Elder

Dick Harris

Caring | Vision & Planning

Marsha Hartsell

Outreach | Global

Grant Hixson

Outreach | Local

Marcus Jonesi


Nancy Kimmey

Caring | Memorial Services

David Michels


Malinn Saxe

Equipping Ministries | Speaker Series

Maureen Singleton

Worship and Music

Paul Cesak


Deacon Class of 2022

Jane Henson

Calls and Card Writing

Mike Kelly

Prayer Ministries

Brenda Vega

Intercultural Ministries

Marsha Timby

Support Ministries

Jan Tomlinson

Senior Adults

Harvey Trammell

Hospitals and Homebound

John Yochum

Community Relations

Elder Class of 2022

Owen Anglum

Outreach | Connections

Marty Lilliott Chapman

Women's Ministry

Bucky Farrow

Youth | Discipleship

Jamie Haskins

Worship and Music

Wade Jones


John Kemper

Personnel Elect

Barbara Mueller

Children's | Special Blessings

David W. Nelson

Clerk Elect

Hobert Plunkett

Outreach Local

Mario Porras

Spanish-language Ministries

Mike Reily


Amanda Seiler

Food Service

Sandy Smith

Treasurer Elect

Heather Tackett

Children’s | Preschool

Deacon Class of 2023

Jo Ballard

Memorial Receptions

Rebecca Davis

Alpha Prayer Ministry

Sharon Fox

College Ministry

Stephanie Peters

Online Community

Danielle Shindler

Connections Team

Andre Verona

Intercultural Ministries

Mona Williams

Memorial Services

Elder Class of 2023

Oliver Aldrich III

Treasurer Elect-elect

Gerald Bennett

Personnel Elect-elect

Erin Bounds

Youth | Outreach

Amber Caver

Outreach | Local

Katie Cooper

Legacy Giving

Allison Daughtry

Outreach | Local

Joy Dubinski

Children’s | Preschool

Kelly Handel

Clerk Elect-elect

Barbara James

Children’s | Elementary

Sharon Johnson

Young Adults

Eddie Perdomo

Relationships | Men’s Ministry

Mickey Peters

Connections | New Members

Don Poarch


Jim Stinson

Equipping | Small Groups

Ellie Torres

Outreach | Global

Xavier Trevino

Worship & Music