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Over the past several years, MDPC has developed a large amount of original content in the areas of Bible Study, Theology, Discipleship, and Equipping. We want to make those resources available to others, whether it be other churches or individuals looking for solid biblical content. The vast majority of these studies were developed by our Adult Discipleship staff, led by the Rev. Dr. Clay Brown, and our Adult Studies Director Laurien Hook. To learn more about these two individuals, check out the Staff section of this page. 

Bible Studies

These series of studies were developed as three-six month studies, and could be used for a class, a small group, or an individual. 

The Gospel in Moses' Story

Through Moses, God works through His plot line of the Exodus from Egypt, pointing not only to the freedom of the Israelites from slavery, but also foreshadowing and revealing the ultimate freedom from sin and death we receive through Jesus Christ. The focus is on Exodus and Matthew, with additional readings in Numbers, Deuteronomy, John, and 1 Corinthians.

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"Moses and the Gospel" by Dr. Andy Dearman, Retired Dean, Fuller Seminary Texas

Dearman Presentation (PowerPoint)

Dearman Presentation (PDF)

Transformed by Hope: The Gospel of Luke

Nothing transforms you like the words and deeds of Jesus Christ in Scripture! Focus on Jesus’s transformational power of hope by studying with this expositional journey through Luke’s Gospel.

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Sent by Love: The Study of Acts

Following Jesus Christ as Lord means He sends us to share His good news through words and deeds. But how does our response to His mission make a tangible difference? Explore the biblical story of the Christian movement’s explosive, life-changing launch through an expositional study of Acts in two parts: Acts 1-14 and Acts 15-28.

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The Week That Changed the World

In this nine-part Lenten study, we look at each of the days/events leading up to Jesus' death and triumphant resurrection. Together, we'll focus on passages from the Gospel of Mark as we explore in more detail how this week transforms everything! 

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The Gospel in Abraham's Story: Walking By Faith

Abraham’s story in Genesis is in many ways our story as followers of Jesus Christ. Like Abraham, we walk by faith in response to God’s call. But more importantly, Abraham’s story is also God’s story, revealing how God works by grace through faith in human lives. We will focus on Genesis 12-25 in the Old Testament, alongside Romans 4, Galatians 3, and Hebrews 11 from the New. 

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Revelation: The Victory of the Lamb

Revelation has been the subject of a lot of speculation, trepidation, and concern over the years. However, we don’t need to be intimidated by Revelation or worried about approaching it to learn more about God and ourselves.

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Hebrews: Jesus is Better

This study of the Book of Hebrews will leave us with a deeper knowledge of Jesus and more complete understanding of the Bible as a whole. 

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Mark: The King and the Kingdom

In the Gospel of Mark, we see a beautiful depiction of Jesus' life, His teaching, His love of all people, and His victorious defeat of sin and death! This full semester-year study has both a workbook and weekly lectures. 

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Small Groups

The Equipped Disciple

The Equipped Disciple is a multi-course small group curriculum produced by MDPC Equipping Pastor, Rev. Dr. Clay Brown. Each of the six study categories in the series consists of six weekly studies. This course is offered periodically and also can be used for independent study.

The Growing Disciple

In The Growing Disciple’s six sessions, your group will focus on five spiritual practices every Christian needs: Bible Study, Prayer, Witness, Service, and Generosity. We’ll also read Mark’s Gospel devotionally and memorize Colossians 2:6-7 together.

Download The Growing Disciple (PDF)

The Witnessing Disciple

The Witnessing Disciple is the second study in The Equipped Disciple multi-course small group curriculum produced by MDPC. In The Witnessing Disciple, we focus on recognizing and enjoying how God often works through spiritual conversations. We'll talk about our faith stories and practice with one another how to share the good news of Jesus when the Holy Spirit creates opportunities. We'll study Scripture, read part of Acts devotionally, and memorize Matthew 28:18-20 together.

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The Studying Disciple

The Studying Disciple, the third study in The Equipped Disciple multi-course small group curriculum produced by MDPC, is ready for you to download! No purchase is necessary. You can download the 6-session small group course for your use anytime. It is in a fillable PDF format, so you are able to type your responses to study questions into the file itself. Also, you may print the study and handwrite your responses.

Download The Studying Disciple (PDF)

The Praying Disciple

This course, The Praying Disciple, has the sub-title Experiencing Peace through Fellowship with God. Each session will focus on one specific aspect of prayer that will enable you, with the Holy Spirit’s help, to be a faithful practitioner of prayer. As you pray faithfully in each circumstance, you will experience God’s peace.
Most sessions will include study and discussion on a biblical passage relevant to the spiritual practice of prayer. Also, each session will include opportunities to grow in your other spiritual practices, such as devotional reading and Scripture memory.

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The Serving Disciple

In The Serving Disciple, each session will focus on one specific aspect of service that will enable you, with the Holy Spirit’s help, to be a faithful servant of Jesus Christ as you grow in the fruit of the Spirit, discover and apply your spiritual gifts, and share the good news of Jesus through your service.


The Giving Disciple

In The Giving Disciple: Living the Gospel through Generosity, each session will focus on one specific aspect of giving that will enable you, with the Holy Spirit’s help, to be a joyful, generous follower of Jesus Christ as you live out the gospel day to day.


Theological Training


Do you have questions about the Bible and theology? Have you ever considered attending seminary but haven't gone for various reasons? Do you love learning? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, this study will be of interest to you! Institute is a year-long program designed to help people who desire to deepen their understanding of the Bible, Christian theology, and apologetics. This program consists of five 8-week classes. These classes are: Biblical Interpretation, Old Testament, New Testament, Christian Theology, and Apologetics. Institute is uniquely designed for both people who have been Christians for a long time and for those relatively new to faith who desire a deeper, formative knowledge of Christianity and the Bible. We will each learn and grow together with the end goal of being more formed into the image of Christ.

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