Life is More

As Christians, don’t we believe that Life Is More when it’s lived with Jesus? Believing that to be true, don’t we want those we love most to also believe and experience that? Often though, we don’t know how to put our desire of sharing Jesus with others into practice. One of the first steps is simply learning your own story of faith with Jesus and learning to share it with others.

#LifeIsMore Story Starters is a simple tool that will help! These Story Starters are twelve prompts broken into three “eras” of your faith journey. The Foundations section focuses on how your faith in Jesus got started. Growing is about the deepening of your faith. Ongoing helps you share about how God is active right now in your life.

Here’s how to use this tool. First, take 15 minutes (set a timer!) and jot down notes to answer each of the questions. Second, share your answers with a fellow Christian you are close to like a best friend, mentor, spouse, child, cousin, etc. Third, pull your answers out once a week for a few months and reflect on them again for 5 minutes or so. What other stories come to mind? What new ways is God moving in your life right now? Finally, prayerfully look for opportunities to share ONE, and only one, of these brief stories with someone who doesn’t know Jesus. It could come up in casual conversation or you could ask directly if you could share an important part of your life with someone you care about.

Learning to share why you believe Life Is More with Jesus is a significant step toward introducing others to Jesus. If you’d like to learn how to better share Jesus in conversation with others, check out The Witnessing Disciple course created by the Adult Discipleship Ministry at MDPC.