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Sunday Morning Worship

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At its best, worship touches every element of a person’s life. It enlightens the mind, warms the heart, heals the body, touches the soul, and animates the will. Because we believe that God speaks to each person individually, with a language that is unique to each, we offer several distinctive styles of worship. Our aim at MDPC is to create worship environments where people can experience a transforming encounter with the Living God that sends them out whole, healthy, and fully alive.

For more information about each individual service, please select from the list below:

8:30 AM Blended Service in the Chapel
9:45 AM Contemporary Service in the Sanctuary*
11:15 AM Traditional Service in the Sanctuary*
11:15 AM Spanish Service in the Chapel
6:00 PM Portuguese Service in the Chapel

*LIVE Stream these Services

Be A Part of the Sanctuary Choir!

Dr. Hausmann will lead the gathered singers in a mini-rehearsal providing an opportunity to experience choral singing  firsthand. The pandemic-induced worldwide silence of choirs has created the need for rebuilding and reimagining. This will be a time to streamline activities - making it easier and more attractive for you to participate (even if you do not regularly attend 11:15 worship). Flexible commitment options and more—sing for a Sunday, a month, a quarter, or for the season; shorter rehearsals with alternative online practice support, and personally edited music available electronically. We are actively seeking new singers to join in this ministry—and you are needed now more that ever. 

Worship Elements at MDPC

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