Outreach Partners

Outreach by the Numbers

Outreach is the church in action outside the walls of the building. It's global missions, like traveling to Central America to dig a clean-water well; it's local service projects, like visiting Houston shelters to spend time with the homeless or with battered women.

Helping others in Christ's Name is an action of the heart, but we value metrics to help guide where and how we spend resources. MDPC strives to always be a good steward of the funds our friends and members entrust to our care.

Committees made up of faithful church members and staff evaluate our ministry partnerships every year, reviewing current financial statements and making site visits. The Ministry/Outreach Partners on the list below were vetted at the end of last year for 2021.

2022 Ministry/Outreach Partners (PDF)

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We believe that we are called to be witnesses of the love of Jesus Christ, actively participating in bringing His Kingdom and its values to earth. Be part of all He is doing...transforming, and making new. He is alive and moving. Listen for His Spirit calling you to know Him, be like Him, and build communities of His love all over the world. It starts with a simple “Yes! I’ll go where You send me!”

Join God in His Kingdom work as we reach out in His love to the people of Mexico, Haiti, Central America, Ethiopia, Uganda, Egypt, South Africa, Croatia, Hungary, Indonesia, China, and more, while also caring for the internationals that God has brought to Houston. Join us as we GO to participate in what God is doing!

Virtual Mission Trips

Come travel the world with us without leaving your home! The Covid pandemic has changed many of our plans the past few months, but God is still at work through our mission partners. Though we can’t visit them in person, you’re invited to join us on a virtual mission trip to learn about their ministry and the country that they’re serving. These “trips” are open to anyone and are free to join. The Zoom link will be emailed to you when you register so sign up today and invite your friends. We may be stuck at home but God is still on the move. Stay tuned for upcoming virtual mission trips! 

Global Partners

Through our Global Outreach efforts, we are able to impact the world by building strong relationships with mission organizations and families who have devoted their lives to bringing God’s love to the people of the world. We are passionate about our partners and the work they do. Our ties with them enable MDPC members to visit on mission trips, pray for them with knowledge, and lend our time and talents to support their work. Our members often join organization boards and build friendships with these partners beyond MDPC’s involvement. We are grateful to be even a small part of the work our partners do.

MDPC’s Global Outreach partners consist of organizations and field workers - you can learn more about them on the interactive map below.

Due to the sensitive nature of some of their work, not all partners are listed.

Global Missionaries Map

City Map

MDPC Local Outreach Partners

Outreach Ministries divides their 120+ partners into five categories: Children, Family, and Housing; Spring Branch and Hunger; Health and Special Needs; Discipleship and Education; and Special Initiatives. The map below indicates all the places in our community and in our city that MDPC is making an impact through their mission partners.