Personnel Restructure

On Monday, August 23, the MDPC Session voted to approve recommendations from a Personnel subcommittee, guided by Alf Halvorson, in a restructure of MDPC's personnel reporting. Alf outlines the details below:

Personnel Organizational Chart Proposal


Dave Steane and I have been talking about organizational chart changes for a year.  He has seventeen direct reports, which is way too many.  It is not fair to him, to the organization, nor to whoever becomes his eventual successor.  Also, we have been talking about leadership succession and empowering younger gifted staff members to grow their skills and optimize our functioning and faithfulness as an organization.  Finally, I am starting my seventh year as your senior pastor.  I now have a good sense of our structure and team members; where we are not hitting on all cylinders (and where we are), and what changes might increase our effectiveness. 

After consultation with our personnel moderator, Amy Harrington, I put together a (sub-group) task force from Personnel of John Kemper and Bob Giles and myself to talk through scenarios. They were invaluable during this process.  The actual proposal is a group effort, but I take full responsibility for the final recommendation.  Any deficiencies are my own. 


Item One:

That Dave Steane serve as Executive Pastor of Operations. His direct reports will be the Finance Director, the Facilities Director, the Information Technology Director, the Human Resources Director, the Communications Director, and the Executive Ministries Coordinator.  That right-sizes his position.  In addition, Dave will then have the bandwidth to take on critical projects such as our Session Downsizing, the finalization and alignment/execution of our New Goals Project in process now, our Academy Idea, and a possible Capital Campaign coming out of our Facility Assessment Committee. Dave Steane will serve as the deputy to the Sr. Pastor as needed.

Item Two:

That Rachel Poysky serve as Pastor of Next Generation Ministries. This will cover approximately ages 0-45 years of age.  Rachel’s Doctorate is in Youth & Young Adult Leadership, and I am convinced that the silos of Childrens, Youth, and Young Adult need to be synced and all work in concert.  She will supervise those three areas, including the Little School/Yellow School.

Item Three:

That Beth Case serve as Pastor of Caring and Christian Formation. This will include supervision of Caring Ministries, Multi-Cultural Ministries, Adult Discipleship, and Relationship Ministries.  Brett and Clay are naturals to look at in this regard, but they do not need nor want the role; and Beth is ready to be stretched by this new challenge.

Item Four:

That Alf Halvorson supervise the above names (Dave, Rachel, and Beth) as well as cover Worship/Music Ministries and Outreach.

This change was effective August 24, 2021, but there will be some transition time with onboarding and executing how this must cascade through the organization.  Let us be excited as well as patient with these important changes for this new season; and offer grace and support as we transition into this new reality.