Lenten Small Groups

Lenten Small Groups

Every Sunday from 02/18/2018 to 03/25/2018

Groups meet weekly, February 18-March 25
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7 Deadly Sins and Saving Virtues

When we talk about deadly sins and saving virtues, we are emphatically not stating we must work our way into God's good favor by acquiring certain virtues, attributes, or characteristics. At the same time, though, “grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone” naturally leads to lives lived in gratitude and obedience to God's will.

As Pastor Alf preaches on these themes this Lenten season, small groups and classes will gather to further discuss how, in our journeys of faith, we will acknowledge, confess, and strive against the sins that pervade our hearts, and we will seek to develop virtues that counter these sins and give glory to God.

Small Group Options

There will be a variety of small groups to join, or, consider starting your own with friends, family, or colleagues. See all the available days and times or sign up your own group:

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Led by Clay Brown

The same curriculum will be offered at two different hours on Wednesdays, taught by Pastor Clay Brown.

Wednesdays, February 21-March 28
Noon or 6:30 PM | MDPC

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Reserve Childcare (Wednesdays only)

Led by Brett Hurst & Kyle Collins

This dynamic duo will also lead a weekday group. Please RSVP to Anna Vickers if you plan to attend.

Tuesdays, February 20-March 27
Noon | MC 126

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