Faith for Skeptics

Faith for Skeptics

Every Sunday, from 07/21/2019 to 08/11/2019, 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Location: MDPC Amphitheater, 11612 Memorial Drive, Houston, TX US 77024

Contact: Sarah Stone |

Does God really exist? Is He good? Is faith rational or just a crutch? Why does God seem hidden? What about those who never hear?

Come hear philosophers and scholars answer these kinds of questions in this 4-week Sunday morning series. Whether you need to hear the answers for your own skepticism, or you want to be equipped to talk with friends, co-workers, and neighbors about your own faith without sounding like a crazy person, this series will be sure to inspire fascinating thoughts and conversations.

This is open to all ages and all worldviews, and we'll have an opportunity for Q&A each week. Check out the lineup below:

July 21: Does God Really Exist?
Speaker John Hopper, PhD in Apologetics, Biola
John will be providing a best fit, evidential approach to supporting the existence of God of by discussing how God is a reasonable explanation for why we are here, the design of the universe, the existence of love and beauty and justice, and the uncanny nature of eternal mathematical truths to explain the finite universe.

July 28: Is God Really GOOD?
Speaker Evan Friske, MA in Philosophy, professor at HCC
There are two approaches to apologetics: Evidential and Pre-suppositional. On one hand, we can talk about the many good things that God gives us, and cite them as evidence for our faith; likewise, we can take the many assumptions of people who attempt to smear God and show how, in fact, they're "borrowing" from God's goodness. Both of these approaches are great apologetic tactics, and Evan will provide explanations for how both approaches can help us witness to God's Goodness.

August 4: Is Faith Rational?
Speaker Tyler McNabb, PhD in Philosophy, professor at HBU grad school
Roughly, Reformed Epistemology is the thesis that you don’t have to have access arguments that support your religious belief in order for your religious belief to be considered rational. In this talk, Tyler will defend the thesis of Reformed epistemology.

August 11: Answering Common Objections
Speaker Daniel Rangel of RZIM Ministries
A practical talk about how to share your faith, given the big questions that come up. Daniel will mix in a few common objections (like..."why does God seem hidden?" or "what about those who never hear about Jesus?") as he challenges us to share the good news in a world that think Christians are crazy.

We hope you can make it!

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