Church in the City

Church in the City

Sunday, February 23, 2020, 8:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Contact: Alicia Boykin |

Watch today's worship led by Meliza Gómez and Michael Middleton, followed by an interview with Pastors Alf Halvorson and Rachel Poysky:

online Registration has closed for all four projects. If you still want to serve, show up at 8:00 AM February 23 in the Fellowship Hall.


 Houston Food Bank

Winter is a hard time for Houston’s homeless and hungry and the food bank has a GREAT NEED this time of year. We have some new and exciting projects at the Houston Food Bank (HFB), so we hope you will join us there. 


  • Must be six years of age or older.
  • If you have mobility concerns, this may not be the best location for you. 
  • We need the MOST people (600 minimum) at HFB.

Arrive at Kinkaid Parking Lot at 8:00 AM
Leave for the HFB at 8:30 AM
Arrive at HFB at 9:00 AM
Serve until Noon
Head back to MDPC for lunch and fellowship

Habitat for Humanity

Break a sweat without leaving the MDPC campus by signing up for our Habitat for Humanity project. Together, we’ll be building three playhouses to be donated to local organizations and three wall-builds that will be part of three different Habitat homes. All six building projects will take place here at MDPC. Please note that this project will finish last.


  • Volunteers ages 16+ (If your entire family would like to stay together and one family member is under 16, that family member can write Scripture on the walls or help disperse snacks and waters to the group.)
  • This project has a max participation of 225.

Arrive at MDPC at 8:00 AM; go directly to the Sanctuary
Worship at 8:30 AM
Begin Service Projects at 9:00 AM
Complete Projects between 12:30 and 1:00 PM
Head to Fellowship Hall for community lunch


Mission of Yahweh 

Registration slots are FULL

Come serve with your family and fellow MDPC members at the Mission of Yahweh (MOY). The Mission of Yahweh is a faith-based shelter that has been empowering, enriching, and restoring the lives of homeless women and children since 1961. We will visit with the residents, play games with the children, and will help with several work projects around the facility. 


  • Families with children six and older are encouraged to attend.
  • This site has a max attendance of 50 people.

Meet at Kinkaid at 8:00 AM
Depart Kinkaid at 8:30 AM
Arrive at MOY at 9:00 AM
Serve until 11:30 AM
Arrive back at MDPC at 11:45 AM for lunch and fellowship.

Serving Here at MDPC

Serve with us at MDPC to make sandwiches for Kids Meals, teddy bears for foster kids, snack packs to help feed kids over the Spring Break, and many other fun activities.


  • This site is perfect for those families with kids under six and anyone with mobility issues.
  • No limit on registrations.

Meet at MDPC at 8:00 AM; go directly to the Sanctuary
Worship at 8:30 AM
Begin Service Projects at 9:00 AM
Complete Projects at 11:00 AM, then head to Fellowship Hall for community lunch.

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