Questioning God? Answers to Questions Worth Asking

For so many people today, Christianity raises more questions than it provides answers. To that, author John Hopper says, "Great!"

Join us as Hopper invites those who are skeptical of Christian claims (and of Christians), to consider honest answers to such often-asked questions. He aims to put the facts on the table and let you decide for yourself whether there is any credence to the idea of God, the Bible, or Christianity.

About John Hopper

John Hopper has discussed questions about God and life with Muslim clerics in Uzbekistan, Buddhist monks in Canada, slum-dwellers in Guatemala and tennis professionals at Wimbledon. Now, he serves as Houston Area Director for Search Ministries, a nationwide organization focused on creating opportunities for stimulating, sensitive and respectful conversations for those wrestling with life’s big questions. Prior to joining Search, John served for 16 years as a pastor at BridgePoint Bible Church in Houston.

John has always enjoyed learning and was in school far too long! He earned a B.A. in Economics at Trinity University, an M.Ed. at the University of Houston, an M.A. in Transformational Leadership at Bethel University, and a D.Min. at Biola University, where he focused on Christian apologetics and worldview studies.

John enjoys exercising, particularly on a tennis court, spending time with his wife at just about anything, and catching up with his four adult children and their great spouses.