The Well: Waiting

The Well: Waiting

Wednesday, October 14, 2020, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Contact: Amanda Grace Caldwell |

6:00 PM • Individually wrapped refreshments in the Courtyard
6:30 PM • Program begins in the Sanctuary

Waiting. What do you think of when you read that word? What do you feel? In all we have walked through this year, these stories are only deepening.

How long, Oh Lord? Bring a friend to The Well, our semi-annual gathering for all ages and life stages, as we hear stories of waiting. We’re pleased to welcome our story-tellers for this installment: Jenny Nettles, Barbara Mueller, Stella Chen, and Rosymare Silva.

REGISTRATION REQUIRED FOR VIRTUAL ATTENDANCE. We will email you the livestream link a few days ahead of time.

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Past Gatherings at The Well

Due to the sensitive nature of these panel discussions, audio recordings are only available upon request. Please contact Amanda Grace Caldwell at .

February 12, 2020
"Restore" with Gisele Duque, Leigh McLeroy, and Patty Jonesi

October 9, 2019
"It's Not Supposed to be This Way" with Meliza Gomez, Teri Adair, Debbi Nager, and Rachel Poysky

March 20, 2019
"Even If" with Nancy Mavergeorge

October 24, 2018
“Connected” with Kay Atchison, Amelia Batcha, Bernadette Loweree, and Tracy Stidam

April 18, 2018
“Roadblocks” with Beth Case, Christyn Knoop, April McAllister, Nancy White

October 18, 2017
“Pursued” with Tera Rush, Raquel Vasquez, and Christine & Maddie Gentil

April 19, 2017
“Why I Hope” with Virginia Smith, Hattie Noworatzky, Billie Carole McMillan, and Sue Harkins

October 26, 2016
“Who Do You Think I Am?” with Sara Kuhn, Anji Moore, Carol Harris, and Michelle Collins

April 27, 2016
“What Is the Desire of Your Heart?” with Kellie Hurst, Kristin Huffman, Ginny Glass, and Ginny Trevino

October 11, 2015
“What Do We Fear” with Amber Hicks, Jill Gilbert, Sarah Stone, and Billie Carole McMillan

May 20, 2015
“What I Wish I Had Known” with Kellie Hurst, Jane Henson, Amanda Grace Caldwell, Martha Moore, Charlotte Crawford, and Barbara McLaughlin

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