11:15 AM Traditional Worship

11:15 AM Traditional Worship

Every Sunday, 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

Contact: Tracy Curtis-Stidam |

If you desire a reverent, liturgical, traditional Worship service, you’ll feel at home in our Traditional Service led by a premier church choir, and complemented by our extraordinary Schantz pipe organ. This Worship service blends glorious choral music with some of the great hymns of the Christian faith.

Be A Part of the Sanctuary Choir!

Dr. Hausmann will lead the gathered singers in a mini-rehearsal providing an opportunity to experience choral singing  firsthand. The pandemic-induced worldwide silence of choirs has created the need for rebuilding and reimagining. This will be a time to streamline activities - making it easier and more attractive for you to participate (even if you do not regularly attend 11:15 worship). Flexible commitment options and more—sing for a Sunday, a month, a quarter, or for the season; shorter rehearsals with alternative online practice support, and personally edited music available electronically. We are actively seeking new singers to join in this ministry—and you are needed now more that ever. 

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