MDPC Belongs to ECFA

Being a member of ECFA (Enhancing Trust in Churches) ensures that MDPC follows the very highest standards of financial management of your gifts and donations. To learn more about this designation, watch the video below, or review this summary of ECFA:

Consider Recurring Online Giving

Your radical generosity enables this church’s ministries and outreach, feeds the hungry, cares for the poor and disenfranchised, and spreads the Name of Jesus around the world. Many of you make donations through the Sunday offering plate, but there’s an easier-to-use alternative - recurring online giving.

From the giving link above, you’ll be able to create a log-in, and elect to stay logged in so that your next online-giving experience will be even faster!

Why Make Recurring Gifts?

Today’s world is going paperless, thanks to how easy (and green!) it is to use online bill paying. Just as you do for credit cards and other bills, you can make your regular and recurring gifts to MDPC online. FYI: You can use MDPC’s giving portal or your bank’s bill paying feature, which is the most economical method for MDPC to process.

Set up recurring donations to occur either monthly or weekly, with the option of using a credit card, debit card, or online check.

Predictable donations, evenly distributed throughout the fiscal year, help MDPC match income with expenses, allowing us to plan our annual budget effectively and accurately.

Making regular payments helps you fulfill your annual pledge without any year-end surprises. Even over the summer months when many are traveling, expenses here at MDPC continue without interruption, so we are grateful for those who continue regular giving throughout the summer.

Stock Gifts

MDPC is also able to accept gifts of stock and other marketable securities. The tax benefits of making a gift of stock should be discussed with your personal financial advisor.  To inquire about the process of making such a gift please contact Ava Caliendo at .

FAQ for Giving and Pledging

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