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Why Generosity Matters…

We hope that this peek at the last twelve months gives you an idea of all the ways that your generosity makes ministry happen. The items seen in the graphic above are just a few examples of what happens here at MDPC, but there is also so much more! In the spirit of transparency, we have tried to flesh out the numbers below.  

58K In Worship in the Past 12 Months
Each week at MDPC, people participate in worship through:

  • our five distinct worship services;
  • our online live stream; and
  • within the Youth, Children, and Preschool worship offered through Sunday School.

63 Youth Confirmed
Each January, our Youth staff and Elders host an 8-week Confirmation class for eighth graders. In the Presbyterian church, we sprinkle babies, but baptism does not make a child a Christian. What God offers us by grace in baptism must be received personally by faith. So infant baptism looks forward to the time when the child will receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior by faith.

As the child develops, MDPC offers opportunities for children to make their faith their own through Confirmation, retreats, and other means through which we help them understand Jesus is offering salvation to them. Infant baptism anticipates the time when a child will become a follower of Jesus. This year, 14 students received believer baptism.

958 in Weekly Bible Studies and Small Groups
MDPC is currently hosting 21 Sunday classes with an average weekly attendance of 570; we have 167 men and women currently signed up for our Word and Worship study; and our year-long Luke study involves 81 volunteer teachers and leaders helping in various classes and small groups. 

Our Young Adults generally have average about 35 per week in small groups, and our Westside Men’s Group, led by Clint Harrington, shepherds 186 disciples in 20 separate groups – but their numbers continue to grow monthly.   

Interested in connecting through a Bible study or small group? Visit this page to search on your own, or contact Laurien Hook in Equipping Ministries for a personal recommendation. 

6K people prayed for daily
MDPC’s Partner in Prayer program has been a part of our ethos since the inception of our church. Our founders desire was that MDPC would be a place of prayer, and that each member would be prayed for daily. Over 600 faithful Partners pray for 8-10 members daily.

$6M+ Given in Support of Outreach Efforts
MDPC is known around the world for their radical generosity. Between our local mission partners, global missionaries, ministry sponsored outreach, and Legacy Fund gits, the total dollars given are well in excess of $6M. 

100 Participated in Alpha
Alpha is for everyone. We don’t assume any background knowledge of or belief in Christianity, and everyone is welcome. Alpha is especially for people who would not call themselves Christians and for people who still have big questions about the Christian faith. A typical Alpha consists of a meal, a short talk about the Christian faith, and small group discussion. During the discussion time, guests are encouraged to share their honest thoughts on the topic and on how they experience and understand the world. The idea is to have open and honest discussion that encourages people from various backgrounds to share and explore their ideas together. No question or comment is out of bounds, and guests are free to discuss as much or as little as they wish. 

1.4K Participated in Summer Celebration
Summer Celebration is MDPC’s annual version of Vacation Bible School, and it requires a good chunk of our congregation to pull it off. This year’s participation included: 

  • 252 Adult Volunteers
  • 289 Teen Volunteers
  • 681 Rising First through Sixth Graders
  • 122 Nursery-age Children

348K Meals for Food-insecure Preschoolers and Food Pantry Families
One of MDPC’s Strategic Initiatives is fighting childhood hunger, so we are attacking this challenge in several meaningful areas.

  • At our Kids’ Meals monthly event, an average of 75 volunteers make thousands of sandwiches (69,500 annually) for food-insecure preschoolers who do not yet have access to school food assistance programs.
  • Our Fuente Food Pantry serves about 300 families per week by providing groceries for 4-5 meals per week, often including meat, milk, eggs, and fresh produce.
  • Each month, MDPC volunteers travel to the Houston Food Bank where they put together meals for distribution. In a 12-month period, they assemble about 90,000 meals.
  • MDPC’s Summer Food Drive resulted in 2,100 lbs. of canned food collected for East Spring Branch Food Pantry (ESBFP). That means 551 Spring Branch families received Meal Bags from MDPC through ESBFP.

Not included in this number are are the 1,000 hungry families that MDPC will help through East Spring Branch Food Pantry’s Thanksgiving in a Bag in November. 

MDPC understands that hungry children do not do as well in school as their food-secure counterparts, so each week our Backpack Buddy program provides weekend food for Spring Branch Middle Schoolers on week-day food assistance at school, and we also sponsor a group of Houston Community College students by providing them with a week’s worth of groceries.

One New Trafficking Organization Brought to Texas
Another large and important strategic initiative at MDPC is a commitment to Justice, particularly in the area of sex trafficking. Many amazing things have happened since the Justice Initiative Task Force began meeting in 2016, but one of this year’s most exciting achievements was bringing Street Grace, an anti-trafficking ministry out of Atlanta, to Houston. To learn more about the story of Street Grace and how they came to Houston, read their story here

282 Participated in Mission Trips
There is no substitute for experience, and that it is what our mission trips provide for our congregation's youth and adults. Some are vision trips, while others create an opportunity to work directly with those in need. All participants pay their own way, with the exception of scholarships or fund raising by the individual. In 2019:

  • 143 people (youth and adult volunteers) served on the Middle School Mission Trip to San Antonio
  • 53 people served on the High School Mission Trip to Memphis, TN
  • 45 people served on the 6th Grade Mission Trip in Houston
  • 31 people (high school juniors & seniors, and adult volunteers) served on an International Mission Trip to Uganda
  • 8 young adults traveled to Honduras to visit the Micah Project
  • 10 adults traveled to Peru to work with Free Wheelchair Ministry, where they built and distributed 58 wheelchairs
  • 2 adults will travel to London and Instanbul in November