The 2021 Generosity Campaign

Why Give?

Pledging Online

Pledging is quick and convenient at Keep in mind that you are not making a donation, but simply forecasting your donations for 2021. You still can participate on Covenant Sunday by checking "I pledged online" on the card you turn in. Hard copies of the Covenant Cards and privacy envelopes will be available at the Front Office, the Connection Center, and in the pews. 

Giving Online

If you're prepared to make a donation at this time, go directly to online giving.

Why Is Pledging Important?
  • It is a sign of your trust in God’s provision and a tangible commitment to His work through MDPC.
  • It helps us better plan and budget, improving operational efficiency.
  • It allows Outreach to know what level of support we can commit to MDPC ministry partners.
Why Sign My Covenant Card?

I, admittedly, am more likely to follow through on a commitment to which my name and signature are affixed—and I would venture you are, too. Signing also allows accounting personnel to evaluate MDPC’s financial health throughout the year, and to provide you with tools for monitoring your own tithing progress. Of course, if you prefer to keep your pledge anonymous, please feel free to turn it in unsigned. I understand this is important to some.

I look forward to Covenant Sunday on November 3. The corporate experience of worshiping God with our financial commitments is both humbling and inspiring, a trust and covenant exercise unlike any other.