on November 23, 2022

Seafarers across the globe want to call on the Port of Houston, so Houston International Seafarers Ministry is doing something right.

Since 2021, the ministry has offered on-board COVID vaccinations, one of the few such resources seafarers encounter. And they ALL want to visit during Christmas when Christmas Shoeboxes are delivered to the ships! In 2021, 11,000 boxes packed with games, toiletries, candy, and more were distributed - the only gift most of them received.

Seafarers are grateful to be in Houston at any time of year because of the care shown them by the Chaplains of the Seafarers Ministry. To be seen, heard, and hugged is an incredible gift when you haven't set foot on land for nine, 11, even 13 months, much less seen your loved ones.

As ever, THANK YOU to everyone who has supported the Christmas Shoebox project! Watch the video to see some of the faces who receive your tokens of Christian love.

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