It feels like it’s harder and harder to connect with other people in our busy and individually focused world, but if you’ve ever experienced the beauty of community, you know how much joy it brings to your life.

We would love you to check out any of our events and gatherings, meet other folks, talk about things that really matter, and just have fun!

For information on when the next events, discussion groups, Bible studies, etc. are, e-mail or text Sarah Stone: , 832-605-8129

Get Connected

Theology on Tap

Join other millennials in Houston for craft beer and fascinating conversation on relevant and often controversial topics around theology, philosophy, faith, and culture.

Around the Pitcher

Every other month, check out different restaurants in Houston, bring your questions about the Bible, life, faith, the church, Christian living, and God to put anonymously in our beer pitcher. Eat, drink, discuss. Open to all worldviews.


A discussion group for non-Christians. This is a place to invite a non-believing friend, or even come yourself if you’re spiritually exploring. We tackle a different topic every month and share our own stories of how we arrived in our various worldviews, all over a home-cooked meal.

“SFD” Dinner Parties

Lingering around a homemade meal is a bit of a lost art, but a couple times a month, 7-10 people of varying worldviews come together to enjoy a meal and interesting conversation over discussion prompts in a warm, homey environment.

Just for Fun Events

Fun events like game night, volleyball, concerts, movie/TV discussion groups, girls’ night, dancing, comedy, holiday parties, and more.

Men’s & Women’s Bible Study

Every other week, join us over good food for study and discussion. Men meet on Tuesdays, women on Wednesdays.