Recreation and Sports

We offer an expansive lineup of quality classes and activities (known here at MDPC as REACH Classes) which develop knowledge and skills for children, youth, and adults. There are three sessions offered each year – Fall, Spring, and Summer. The community is welcome to participate; you don't have to be an MDPC member! Contact registrars Jan or Cathy at  or 713-490-9564 for more information.

A non-refundable bank service fee is added to all online registrations.

REACH (Rec) Classes


Wednesdays, August 31- December 14
(No class November 23)
1:00-4:00 PM
Cost: $384
Location: Room 170
Instructor: Bridget Wolk

This class teaches oil painting for adults. Instruction includes lessons, demonstration, and one-on-one guidance.

Art Studio

Wednesdays, Aug 31-Dec 14
(No class Nov 23)
Cost: $231
Location: Room 170
Instructor: Bridget Wolk

This painting studio class is for adults with intermediate to advanced level painting skills working in oils or acrylics. Students will receive input on paintings at the beginning and the end of class. The remainder of time will be spent on individual projects working without instruction.

Drawing & Watercolor

Thursdays, Sep 15-Nov 17
Cost: $226
Location: Room 206


This is a beginners’ class for adults with little to no art experience. Everyone can draw! You will learn a fun and calming drawing technique that will increase your creativity and focus. You will also learn the basics of watercolor. Artists of any skill level will be successful in this friendly, relaxing class.

Beverly Lawson has taught art for over 30 years to people of all ages. She has illustrated two children’s books. She also enjoys teaching ceramics. 

Yoga, Hatha

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
Summer Session: Jun 1-Aug 31 (No class Jul 4, 11, 13, & 15)
Fall Session: Sep 2-Dec 16 (No class Sep 5, Oct 10, Nov 25)
*Location: Rooms 171-172 | 9:15–10:15am
Cost: $10.00/class or $90/10-class attendance card
(Card expires after 3 months)
Instructor: Polly Patton Christie

Participants must bring a mat. Tone the body and tune the mind! Increased strength and stamina, improved balance, and flexibility are yours through Hatha Yoga.

Yoga, Iyengar

Summer Session: Fridays, Jun 1-Aug 31 (No class Jul 4, 11, 13, & 15)
Fall Session: Fridays, Sep 2-Dec 16 (No class Nov 25)
Location: Room 171-172
Time: 11:30a–12:45pm
Cost: $10 per class
Instructor: Jimena Lieb

Notes: A Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher can guide students of all ages and physical conditions to an experience of yoga, which is safe, accessible and rewarding. This class is designed for beginner and continuing adults as well as expectant mothers with healthy pregnancies. 

Jimena Lieb practices and teaches Iyengar yoga which emphasizes correct alignment of joints for maximum benefit and safety.  In this class the use of props such as chairs, blocks, blankets, or straps may be incorporated to help students adjust or support themselves in the different postures and thereby achieve a range of motion that is effective and safe.  Students will practice postures to reduce stress, create strength and flexibility, and correct structural imbalances for better overall health.    

Jimena has had a regular yoga practice since 2007 and has studied with professional yoga teachers in various cities in the U.S. as well as abroad.  Jimena is a Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher and the Scheduling Director here at MDPC. 

Sports Leagues

Youth Basketball (Kingdom Basketball League)

Register: Sep 15-Nov 20
Games: Saturdays, Jan 7-Feb 18
Cost: $185


All teams engage in ministry and outreach opportunities. 
Sports Commissioner Diane Seckinger organizes, schedules, and implements MDPC's children, youth, and adult sports/leagues. Contact her at  or 713-490-9568.
WHCSA Rain-out Number: 713-857-4885