MDPC Food Service Is Temporarily Suspended.

As of July 31st, we have suspended our contract with ECI and have ceased to operate a food ministry at MDPC.

We entered our relationship with the full intention of maintaining a robust and growing MDPC Food Ministries. We were beyond pleased with ECI, the quality of their food, and the dedication of their staff. And then COVID-19 hit.

MDPC’s leadership determined that we needed to develop a plan to under-spend the 2020 budget by 20% in response to an anticipated reduction in income. All of our ministries have reduced their expenses and we are proud of and grateful for the careful stewardship of our ministry leaders.

However, without staff working consistently on campus, and without people attending worship and programs on campus, the need for Food Ministries is not justified from a budget standpoint.

Our most sincere hope is that that the pandemic ends soon and we can return to some form of normalcy in the very near future. When that happens, we hope to resume our relationship with ECI and resume a delicious and satisfying food ministry.

Thank you for your ongoing support as we navigate these unusual times together!