MDPC's Justice Initiative

MDPC has formed a Human Trafficking Task Force that seeks to engage the congregation and community through education, awareness, and involvement. Our focus is to educate the community on this insidious crime, work with local government to enact stronger legislation, and to fight the demand at its source.


In 2019, MDPC and other area churches, brought Street Grace to the Houston area, where they office here alongside our Outreach Ministries staff. Learn more about this justice ministry, and the creative methods in which it addresses the demand side of these illegal activities - in ways that are both interruptive and redemptive.



If you feel moved to join the fight, there are several options in our community and at MDPC. 
In the Community

There are many anti-trafficking organizations in the Houston area. If you feel called to get connected to one of those non-profits, please contact Amy Delgado ( )


The Human Trafficking Task Force meets regularly to plan and implement programs at MDPC and engage with our partners in the community. For more information, contact Amy Delgado (  ).

Join an Outreach Committee. MDPC partners with and helps fund several anti-trafficking organizations. If you would like to be a part of determining who we partner with and our yearly evaluation process, please contact Amy Delgado about becoming a member of a Local Outreach Committee.

Through Prayer...
  • For God to continue to shine a light on the trafficking issues that are plaguing our community, Houston, and beyond.
  • For survivors to become aware that they are being trafficked and to seek help and God’s ultimate protection.
  • For buyers to become aware of their sin and to seek help and to know God has a different plan for their lives.
  • For traffickers to realize the destruction they perpetuate and to know that God offers hope and healing to them as well.
  • For the groups that are actively engaged in fighting trafficking to remain strong and be protected by the full armor of God.
  • For our community to engage in fighting trafficking by questioning our surroundings and joining the battle.



The Anatomy of Trafficking

Four-week educational event from October of 2018, featuring a series of talks dealing with the effects of pornography and how it fuels the human trafficking industry. Audio recordings of each talk may be accessed below.

God's Design for Human Sexuality
Dr. Clay Brown, MDPC Equipping Pastor


How Pornography Fuels Demand for Human Trafficking
Joe Madison, founder of Love People Not Pixels


Who’s Talking to Your Kids about Porn?
Beau Abdulla  


Wednesday, October 24: Reducing the Demand
Bob Rodgers, president & CEO of Street Grace


Human Trafficking Community Event

In November of 2017, MDPC sponsored an evening of education and awareness for the church and for the greater community. The video presentation includes a law enforcement officer, a legal advocate, a victim, and the father of a victim who has devoted his life to fighting human trafficking.