Mission and Beliefs

Our Mission Statement

Loving God. Proclaiming Christ.
Living Generously. Engaging All.

Our mission is who we are, and who God has called us to be in our future together. We strive to emphasize these values in all that we do. As we embrace these compelling statements, and as they become part of our everyday vocabulary, we gain a greater sense of vision, passion, and dedication to Jesus Christ and to MDPC.

MDPC Strategic Goals

At the January 2017 Staff & Elder Retreat, the Session approved the 12 MDPC Advantage Goals, designed to enhance our current mission statement as we strive to broaden our reach for Christ in our community and beyond.

These goals are not merely for the staff and Elders. We need your help and your involvement to effect these changes. We ask that each member of the congregation review the Advantage Goals, and pray about how he or she might participate in the planning and implementation. If there is an area or an idea that appeals to you, and you would like to be a part of that task force, please contact the point person (see page two of the pdf for email links).

View the 12 Strategic Goal

Our core Beliefs

We submit to the authority of Scripture.
We practice radical generosity.
We take risks without compromising our values.
We pray for each other every day.
We strive to live missionally.
We value authenticity, humility, and grace.