Memorial Services

Memorial Services that are livestreamed can be viewed on the Caring Ministries Facebook page:

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Make a Gift in Honor of a Loved One 

  • Gary Hennessey passed away May 1. 
  • Dale McAdams’s mother, Nancy, passed away April 28.
  • John Norris passed away April 25. 
  • Jeanne Anne Chapman’s husband, John Kenyon, passed away April 18.
    Memorial Service will be on May 20 at 2:00pm in the Chapel; Beth Case officiating. 
  • Don Weinmann passed away April 8.
    Memorial Service will be at St. Phillips Presbyterian Church; Date TBD
  • Mary Brooks passed away April 8. 
  • Elizabeth “Buff” Hauck passed away March 31.

To Plan a Memorial Service at MDPC

MDPC Caring Ministries assists families in planning a memorial service that recognizes the loss of a loved one and the celebration of his or her life. The service, in expressing the faith of the church, will be an occasion of dignity, reverence, and remembrance. To begin the process, please contact Christine Gentil at 713-490-9541.

Memorial Service Planning Guide (PDF)