Building Your Faith: Exploring Scripture with the Pastors provides you a marvelous opportunity every Sunday to enjoy Biblical teaching from a passage with an MDPC pastor or staff member with seminary training. Dr. Clay Brown, MDPC Adult Discipleship Pastor, is the lead teacher, but many others join in the fun. There’s no homework, no pre-registration or class roll, but always donut holes! 

That's Not in the Bible: Popular Sayings Misconstrued

Each teacher will take a popular saying often assumed to be from the Bible or to have biblical warrant; discuss how and why it is not in Scripture, has no Biblical support, or is an erroneous quote from the Bible; and develop a Biblical case for the actual teaching of Scripture on the topic of the popular saying.

Apr 7
“God never gives you more than you can handle.”
Taught by Clay Brown

Apr 14
“Money is the root of all evil.”
Taught by Clay Brown

Apr 21
“Let go and let God.”
Taught by Clay Brown

Apr 28
“Moderation in all things.”
Taught by Brett Hurst

May 5
“Everything happens for a reason.”
Taught by Leigh McLeroy

May 12:
"Follow your heart.”
Taught by Brett Hurst

May 19
“God helps those who help themselves.”
Taught by Rachel Poysky

May 26
“Pride goes before a fall.”
Taught by Dan Aikins

Jun 2
“When God closes a door, he always opens a window.”
Taught by Beth Case

We meet at both 9:45 and 11:15am (pick one) in-person in the Amphitheater (first floor of the CLC). The Zoom options for those who can’t attend are in links below:

Link to the 9:45 Zoom Class

Link to 11:15 Zoom Class