This year is for the ones who are ready to come alive again. So many of us feel a little numb. We’ve each lost something or felt disappointed over the past few years and now we are needing a new way to move forward. We need a fresh start.

Four Opportunities to Connect:

1. Thursday MOPS Group
Join us at MOPS this year! Come for solid content, free childcare, and adult conversations. Your children will be cared for as we take an opportunity to care for you. Registration required for you and your child(ren).

Register Here    Reserve Childcare

2. MOPS International
Register with MOPS International to have access to tons of helpful resources, including bi-monthly videos that will be sent out on Tuesdays and crafted during this time to best support you.

Register for MOPS International

3. MOPS at MDPC Facebook Group
Join the group for up-to-date information and connection.

MDPC MOPS on Facebook

4. MDPC Children’s Ministries Facebook Group
Join the group for information on upcoming events for your kids and your family, as well as informative webinars, virtual Bible study, story time, and more.

MDPC Kids on Facebook